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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
3:38 pm
Holy gayed up sports, batman!
Today, I decided I needed another skate, because I'm sick of hauling one back and forth to the office on my motorcycle. I also decided I should get some shoes, since the ones I have at home are pretty fucked up at this point. So off to Circle-A and get some new shit, since I was working downtown anyway. And let me tell you, this sport has gotten fucked up.

First... you can't get light weight trucks without colors any more. They're all purple, or bright orange or totally fucking lame colored. Since I really wanted some Krux, I ended up buying some weird plaid colored trucks:

Could be worse though, the could have only come in pink. But that's not the really bad part. The really sad thing is... what the hell is wrong with Emerica these days? SHOE BLING?! IS THIS SOME KIND OF FUCKING JOKE?? WHY SHOE BLING?! I bought them because they were the lightest skate shoe they had and I promptly ripped off the stupid faux diamond. But still, you should all see this. What the fuck Emerica?? What the fuck:

And don't even ask me about the sock they let me borrow to try these things on. Fucking Volcom... you're the worst of all. You used to make cool shit. Shit the lasted for a few seasons of hard thrashing. Shit that didn't have weird colored stitching and pictures of midgets sucking off donkeys. But now... you should be ashamed of yourselves.!

And yes, creepy Bob still runs Circle-A, in case you were wondering Jolly. He doesn't go in much though. At least that's what the two, tiny, asian girls working there told me. They also told me they don't skate. They were nice enough chicks, but I don't know what the hell they were doing working at a skate shop. They setup my board though, however slowly, and that was nice...
Monday, September 20th, 2004
7:06 pm
yes, i'm obsessed...
"No, it is not. If I hear one more person tell me how lousy a candidate Kerry is and how he can't win... Dammit, of COURSE he's a lousy candidate -- he's a Democrat, for heavens sake! That party is so pathetic, they even lose the elections they win! What were you expecting, Bruce Springsteen heading up the ticket? Bruce would make a helluva president, but guys like him don't run -- and neither do you or I. People like Kerry run."

-Michael Moore on michaelmoore.com

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick of this. I'm tired of people actively campaigning for someone they obviously hate and think will do a shitty job. "Bush is a hate monger and a nazi and a horrible president and etc..." So you don't want to vite Bush, because you dislike him and you dislike his politics? But you'll vote for someone you think is a lousy candidate like Kerry?

How, in anyone's right mind, can they possibly vote for a lousy candidate that they can't predict, versus one they can? All shit aside, most people who will vote Kerry hate both candidates. You're not voting in someone you like to oust someone you hate, you're voting in someone you hate to oust someone you hate. The only difference is that one wears a the label of a donkey and the other an elephant.

Kerry will not be a good/better/anything president if he wins. He will be a lackluster douchebag who's inconsistent with his own politics. Then, after his first term is over and you fully know you have to vote him out, you're going to have to vote in another Republican. Where's the logic in this? You all hate us. We're mean, hateful, baby eating, christian, nutjob psychos, right? So you're willing to take four years away knowing full well that the next 4-8 will probably be back in our court? Are you people retarded?

Here's what you would do if you were smart:

1) Vote 3rd party
-at least then you wouldn't feel like a piece of shit for voting for someone you hate
2) Sit around and bitch for four years, while the Bush administration cleans up
-Kerry will never pull out of Iraq. It's a political and social issue, he just can't do it.
-Relish the fact that Hillary (ugh...) will have a strong running in 4 years
--you can all sit around and be smug about how socialist you are
3) Spend the next four years learning to support actual free speeach (not free agreeable speech)
4) Nov 2, 2008 you can vite Billary and feel happy knowing you didn't have to wait 'til 2012-2016
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
8:07 pm

It's a translation and I'm not sure if it's 100% on the money, but it works for me. Let's all say it together: Fuck Michael Moore!

Now, along with being a lying slob, he's also a thief. Maybe's he's going for the Robin Hood thing and stealing from the rich. Although, writing a hit book in '53 probably doesn't make you rich.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
3:35 am
i love it when someone has a good point
Why didn't we keep the oil fields, the first time we went to Iraq? Why didn't we stay there and take over control of the country then? Why would we do so now?


I'm sorry to say that I never thought up these questions. They're so simple that they seem to be overlooked by almost everyone. What really makes this time so different? Same people doing the same thing with the same agenda, right?
Thursday, December 11th, 2003
10:03 pm
illegal immigrants wanting equal rights
Ok, so I'm bummed. I lost my license and was waiting for January, so I could claim illegal immigrant status and get another license. Not that I think it was a good idea. It was Grey Davis' (may he burn in hell for his actions) last ditch effort to not be ousted from office. The bill, as we all knew it would be, has been repealed.

So I'm watching the news and it appears that not everyone thinks taking it back was a good idea. In San Mateo, local businesses and restaurants are shutting down for a day, in protest of the repeal. Very few of the workers are illegal, but the majority of them are Mexican immigrants.

Now there are a few things that bother me about this. Many of these people are first generation American immigrants. Whether they came here legally or not, in the beginning, isn't beside the point. They are now legal California residents who had to work for their status as a legal resident. Why the hell should they be supporting people getting all the benefits they had to work for, without doing any of the work? That's just fucking ludicrous. I don't think you should be rewarded the same for less effort.

The other thing that really irks me is that people are bitching about illegals, or "undocumented citizens," as the politically correct crowd are calling them, not being afforded equal rights under the law. Think about this for a second. Why should someone who's not here legally be afforded the same rights under out legal system. Illegal vs legal. You don't get to drive if you break the driving laws too many times (as I can attest), so why should you be treated as a citizen, IF YOU'RE NOT ONE?! What the hell are these people thinking??
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
11:55 am
Screamer bands. I don't get it. I don't think I ever will. Did they not get yelled at enough by their parents? Maybe they got yelled at too much and developed some kind of fetish for it. Whatever it is, I'll never understand it.

I've been to quite a few shows lately, hanging out with Stunt Monkey. I've seen a lot of really annoying bands and a couple of good ones. The ones I'll never forget are the screamers. After the last show they had, we sat around mocking the whole concept. "This one's called 'Suffer Little Children.' RAR AARR RRARRR ARRAR ARRA ARRARRRA ARAR RRRAAAARRRA RRRAR !" WHAT THE FUCK?! Was there a word in there? What does the CD insert have as your lyrics?

While many times, they're not completely useless with their instruments, I find it a hard stretch to call their attempts "music." I've always thought of music as something that was supposed to convey a message or make you feel something (bands like NOFX are excluded from this... because i'm writing it and get to be as biased as i want). What message do screamer bands convey? If no one can understand you, who are you touching/moving?

Luckily, after speaking to someone with a strong singing background, I've come to learn that most of them are doomed to a short vocal life. They'll destroy their vocal chords, long before they are ever able to make it main stream.
Saturday, November 29th, 2003
6:41 pm
Michael Moore
I've seen too many people fall prey to his lies and bullshit. The "documentary" Bowling For Columbine has made many people I know think of this man as a saint. Through all the creative editing and camera tricks in his film, he's really left no one better off. More correctly, he's left many people worse than before. I've decided to, in my free time, do as much digging as possible.

There are already plenty of sites that claim to have facts about all the lies and manipulative statements in the film. While it's nice to have had someone verify all this information for you, you'll never really know until you get it yourself. So, I'm going to call as many people as I can and ask them flat out.

I'm going to call the bank that gave him the gun. I'm going to call Lockheed in littleton. I'm going to verify all the dates of the NRA rallies. I will look up every article he cited and verify all the articles the people who've made sites like bowlingfortruth.com has listed. I'm going to be able to personally tell you that this man is a fraud.

I want to be able to look anyone who says Michael Moore is a genius in the eye and tell them they're a fool. I want to be able to say, without a doubt, that he's a lying, arrogant, piece of shit and not be able to have anyone argue the point. When I'm done with the research, I'm going to try and do what he does to the people he interviews and tries to start fights with, I'm going to try and catch him at the least opportune moment and get a recorded interview.

I bet there are a few people I know who could dig up his phone number.
Thursday, November 6th, 2003
12:45 am
something new to write
but it's going to take group input. tonight i was discussing my theories on post sex conduct. how, as a male, you have to act, after sleeping with someone. when dealing with most females, it's very hard to pull off a casual sex situation. it's taken quite a bit of trial and (mostly) error to realize how to come out not looking like an asshole. if you don't call the girl again within a certain amount of time, you're an asshole. if you call too much too soon, you're implying that you want more than you do. almost any way you deal with the situation, you're bound to end up in a position you don't want.

unless the peron you slept with is someone you want to pursue things with, you have to finesse your way... not really out of it... but into what you want. i think i've come up with a formula. the real problem lies in all of the unforeseen variables. i think i've deal with a lot of them, but i can't come up with them on my own. while discussing it with a friend, i decided i should write an essay/thesis on the subject. to do this properly, i'm going to need a few "focus groups" (for lack of a proper term) to ask questions that will allow me to deal with all the variables i can't come up with.

i think this could be a fun project in my spare time. not only that, but i think it could be a benefit to all "man" kind. sorry ladies, i don't know your heads well enough to write it from your perspective. i think i'll start this project in a month or so. when i'm done, all men will be able to sleep with women without having to try and figure a clever way out of dealing with the lady afterwords.

and no, i'm not advocating treating women like shit. i'm just advocating a mentality that's been around for a while. sometimes, sex should be just that, sex. it's fun. you shouldn't have to end up spending a long time with every person you sleep with. there are those that are special and those that you just want to screw.

sadly, there's one situation i've thought about a bunch of times and never come up with an answer for. if you're sleeping with a few people and you do meet someone special, how do you break it off with everyone else immediately? it's not like you can tell them, "i'm sorry, i've met someone i really care about and i have to stop sleeping with you now." any suggestions? ask your friends. ask your parents. ask your kids. ask that "playa" down the street. i really want to know.
Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
2:02 pm
current state of hiring
Didn't I send enough resumes? Doesn't my three years of work for the same company say something about me? Why haven't you replied? Why haven't you called back? Where's my job?

No one seems to realize that people in my position are needed, for the future growth of the industry. Without people in their Jr-Mid levels of their careers being hired, no one will ever progress to the Sr level that all of you seem to be looking for. What will happen when all of your Sr guys are done milking you for all your worth? What will you do when they get sick of your shit and retire?

If you the "less experienced" don't get jobs, there will be no one to fill the shoes of the others, when they live. Hire me, you morons. The future of your company depends on it.
Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
12:04 am
So a few weeks ago, I decided to stop drinking for a while. I've faltered, but I'm doing pretty well. The main reason I did this was because I got a DUI and lost my license. But there are other reasons. I don't like the way my stomach is looking any more. I've got a slight bilge, from too much drinking. So, to get rid of it, I decided to start doing situps every day.

To get over the whole no driving portion, I bought a bicycle. Since I don't have many places to go, I probably only ride a few miles a day. Know what's happened in the three weeks since I've been doing situps and the week since I've had a bike? I LOST TEN POUNDS! I, who was all of 140lbs, now weigh 130lbs. I didn't think I could afford to actually lose any weight, but I've managed.

Know what I realized? People who are over weight and do nothing about it are even lazier than I am. I don't do shit. I sit on my ass all day and eat crappy food. The only thing I have over fat people is a good metabolism. But everyone has the same opportunity to get up off their ass and start moving.

If you buy foods with "diet" on the label and binge eat them all, you're probably not going to get the benefits of eating diet food. Buy a bicycle. Do situps. Go for a walk. Get off your lazy ass and do something. It doesn't take much to burn off the calories that you picked up for the day. Hell, you can probably burn off two or three days worth of shit in an hour or so.

Look at that fucker Jared, from Togos. He lost a shit ton of weight by eating shitty sandwiches and walking to and from his local Togos. I bet he didn't do a whole lot more than that. Now he's making a lot of money, for saving his own health. If you're fat and lazy, don't bitch. Be happy with yourself. If you're going to bitch, get up off your ass and do something about it. Hell, find a way to lose weight while eating Burger King crap all day and use it as a business opportunity.
Monday, October 20th, 2003
12:03 am
holy shit....
i have members! hi kids. i really didn't expect anyone to join. i was expecting people to just randomly come and bitch about my bitching. good to see you. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel i should complain about something now, since i'm posting. hmmm... I HAVEN'T HAD SEX IN OVER A MONTH! (yes, i know, others are worse off, but it's really starting to get to me) ok, i guess that's not a good one, but it's midnight and i'm tired and not feeling creative. sorry. someone wanna draw me a clock, with no hands and no face (exposed gears)? i need a tattoo.
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
1:46 pm
this goes out to sprint pcs

I was a Sprint PCS customer for about three years. In those years I learned something, they are a piece of shit company. They should be given an award for the worst customer relations ever. Here's the story.

Last April, I canceled my Sprint account. I told them that I was fully aware that they were going to rape me for $150 and I still wanted to drop them. A month goes by and I get an e-mail about how my account balance is available online. Well, I try the link and, amazingly, it didn't work.

Go figure, I cancel my account and I can no longer access it online. Makes sense to me, but why are they sending me e-mail notification? Another month passes and another e-mail comes. Same problem. I call Sprint and get an operator. I tell her that I'm not going to pay until they mail me an invoice.

For some fucking reason, they're unable to do that. Not only have they not told me how much I owe, but they won't show my why I owe this mystery amount either. Today, in the mail, I finally received a notice from a debt collector. The notice was dated October 10th and didn't make it to my door until today.

I'm fucking pissed. I attempted to contact Sprint numerous times via e-mail and phone. I asked many times to be sent an invoice. Never once did they attempt to cooperate. Fuck Sprint. Fuck them with a wooden spoon. Some day I will get my revenge on them.
Sunday, October 12th, 2003
2:18 am
new! for the 2004 model year!
This post is dedicated to all the hardworking chimps designing vehicles over the past year. With the state of automotive ingenuity in a steady decline, I figured I could design a car and sell it to some moronic HR guy as well. Before I show my ingenious design, I would like to site a few inspirational automobiles.

First, there's the Pontiac Aztek (aka: Ass-tek). Pontiac, with it's long heritage of making some pretty damn cool cars took off into the deep end with this one. They slapped their namesake front end onto the rear of a cow and added a tent that hooks up to the hatch. Oh how ingenious! I mean, fuck, what soccer mom doesn't need to be able to rough it, while watching her little tike play some meaningless sporting event? GO LOCAL SPORTS TEAM!

Next we have to equally stupid ideas. The first comes from Toyota. They took the shitty looks of the current generations of Honda Civic hatchbacks, added a trunk and topped it off with an Opel styled front end. The result? An underpowered piece of shit. Now, do I really need to get into the Ford Focus problem? Yes, I mean aside the fact that it's a fucking ford.

I originally looked at these cars as jokes. I was hoping it was just a big mistake. Maybe some marketing genius, in a heroine induced daze, stumbled into the cubicle of a drunken, crackheaded, design engineer and thought the car was pretty. You know, with all the swirling and loopiness inside his head, it looked kinda neat. As did the trash can and the stapler, but it had wheels. Sadly, these pieces were put into place and now the reside on our streets.

Now, the real kicked is Toyota's new car line. The Scion! Oh wow! It's a mini mini van! And it comes with LEDs and underglow and a set of neat looking "rally inspired" pedals! And mom's will love it for their kids because of it's kick as, under 2.0L, 4 cylinder, gerbil powered, engine! It's a win, win, win, retard, situation! So, finding my muse, I've designed my own car.

I call it the TOB. That stands for Turd On Dubs. Sure, it kind of looks like a football. But look at the rear door handles... suicide doors are the in thing now. Who cares about why they're called suicide doors and the fact that they stopped making them some time shortly after the 60's, for safety reasons. Retro is in! And those rimes... only in sizes 20 and up. If you add some blinky lights, maybe a JDM or "Bling Bling!" sticker, it's a sure sell. In two years, the roads will be littered with them and all the plastic crap that falls off! Who's with me?! Get in on the ground floor and we could make millions.

ps-please don't send too much fanmail. i know you're all thinking that i'm not only an automotive design genius, but an amazing master of MS Paint, but i really don't need the praise. i do it for the love of making people happy.

hey toyota! fuck you! bring back the god damned supra!
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