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Michael Moore

I've seen too many people fall prey to his lies and bullshit. The "documentary" Bowling For Columbine has made many people I know think of this man as a saint. Through all the creative editing and camera tricks in his film, he's really left no one better off. More correctly, he's left many people worse than before. I've decided to, in my free time, do as much digging as possible.

There are already plenty of sites that claim to have facts about all the lies and manipulative statements in the film. While it's nice to have had someone verify all this information for you, you'll never really know until you get it yourself. So, I'm going to call as many people as I can and ask them flat out.

I'm going to call the bank that gave him the gun. I'm going to call Lockheed in littleton. I'm going to verify all the dates of the NRA rallies. I will look up every article he cited and verify all the articles the people who've made sites like bowlingfortruth.com has listed. I'm going to be able to personally tell you that this man is a fraud.

I want to be able to look anyone who says Michael Moore is a genius in the eye and tell them they're a fool. I want to be able to say, without a doubt, that he's a lying, arrogant, piece of shit and not be able to have anyone argue the point. When I'm done with the research, I'm going to try and do what he does to the people he interviews and tries to start fights with, I'm going to try and catch him at the least opportune moment and get a recorded interview.

I bet there are a few people I know who could dig up his phone number.
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