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this goes out to sprint pcs

I was a Sprint PCS customer for about three years. In those years I learned something, they are a piece of shit company. They should be given an award for the worst customer relations ever. Here's the story.

Last April, I canceled my Sprint account. I told them that I was fully aware that they were going to rape me for $150 and I still wanted to drop them. A month goes by and I get an e-mail about how my account balance is available online. Well, I try the link and, amazingly, it didn't work.

Go figure, I cancel my account and I can no longer access it online. Makes sense to me, but why are they sending me e-mail notification? Another month passes and another e-mail comes. Same problem. I call Sprint and get an operator. I tell her that I'm not going to pay until they mail me an invoice.

For some fucking reason, they're unable to do that. Not only have they not told me how much I owe, but they won't show my why I owe this mystery amount either. Today, in the mail, I finally received a notice from a debt collector. The notice was dated October 10th and didn't make it to my door until today.

I'm fucking pissed. I attempted to contact Sprint numerous times via e-mail and phone. I asked many times to be sent an invoice. Never once did they attempt to cooperate. Fuck Sprint. Fuck them with a wooden spoon. Some day I will get my revenge on them.
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