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So a few weeks ago, I decided to stop drinking for a while. I've faltered, but I'm doing pretty well. The main reason I did this was because I got a DUI and lost my license. But there are other reasons. I don't like the way my stomach is looking any more. I've got a slight bilge, from too much drinking. So, to get rid of it, I decided to start doing situps every day.

To get over the whole no driving portion, I bought a bicycle. Since I don't have many places to go, I probably only ride a few miles a day. Know what's happened in the three weeks since I've been doing situps and the week since I've had a bike? I LOST TEN POUNDS! I, who was all of 140lbs, now weigh 130lbs. I didn't think I could afford to actually lose any weight, but I've managed.

Know what I realized? People who are over weight and do nothing about it are even lazier than I am. I don't do shit. I sit on my ass all day and eat crappy food. The only thing I have over fat people is a good metabolism. But everyone has the same opportunity to get up off their ass and start moving.

If you buy foods with "diet" on the label and binge eat them all, you're probably not going to get the benefits of eating diet food. Buy a bicycle. Do situps. Go for a walk. Get off your lazy ass and do something. It doesn't take much to burn off the calories that you picked up for the day. Hell, you can probably burn off two or three days worth of shit in an hour or so.

Look at that fucker Jared, from Togos. He lost a shit ton of weight by eating shitty sandwiches and walking to and from his local Togos. I bet he didn't do a whole lot more than that. Now he's making a lot of money, for saving his own health. If you're fat and lazy, don't bitch. Be happy with yourself. If you're going to bitch, get up off your ass and do something about it. Hell, find a way to lose weight while eating Burger King crap all day and use it as a business opportunity.
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"uh hi. can i get...2 apple pies and a double quarter pounder w/ cheese value meal?"

"sure. would you liked that super-sized?"

"yeah, sure."

"and what would you like to drink with that?"

"diet coke please."

you can't even imagine how many times i took part in a dialogue like this while working for mcdonald's. as if sparing that extra 200 calories for the drink you somehow eradicate the 4,000 colories that you get with the meal. retarded.
*snicker* you worked at mcdonald's?? *snicker*

i mean... uh... i still love you!
Lol, reading this made me giggle. Thanks for the giggles on the fun side of your perspective.