. (deathby22) wrote in designflaw,

current state of hiring

Didn't I send enough resumes? Doesn't my three years of work for the same company say something about me? Why haven't you replied? Why haven't you called back? Where's my job?

No one seems to realize that people in my position are needed, for the future growth of the industry. Without people in their Jr-Mid levels of their careers being hired, no one will ever progress to the Sr level that all of you seem to be looking for. What will happen when all of your Sr guys are done milking you for all your worth? What will you do when they get sick of your shit and retire?

If you the "less experienced" don't get jobs, there will be no one to fill the shoes of the others, when they live. Hire me, you morons. The future of your company depends on it.
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