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something new to write

but it's going to take group input. tonight i was discussing my theories on post sex conduct. how, as a male, you have to act, after sleeping with someone. when dealing with most females, it's very hard to pull off a casual sex situation. it's taken quite a bit of trial and (mostly) error to realize how to come out not looking like an asshole. if you don't call the girl again within a certain amount of time, you're an asshole. if you call too much too soon, you're implying that you want more than you do. almost any way you deal with the situation, you're bound to end up in a position you don't want.

unless the peron you slept with is someone you want to pursue things with, you have to finesse your way... not really out of it... but into what you want. i think i've come up with a formula. the real problem lies in all of the unforeseen variables. i think i've deal with a lot of them, but i can't come up with them on my own. while discussing it with a friend, i decided i should write an essay/thesis on the subject. to do this properly, i'm going to need a few "focus groups" (for lack of a proper term) to ask questions that will allow me to deal with all the variables i can't come up with.

i think this could be a fun project in my spare time. not only that, but i think it could be a benefit to all "man" kind. sorry ladies, i don't know your heads well enough to write it from your perspective. i think i'll start this project in a month or so. when i'm done, all men will be able to sleep with women without having to try and figure a clever way out of dealing with the lady afterwords.

and no, i'm not advocating treating women like shit. i'm just advocating a mentality that's been around for a while. sometimes, sex should be just that, sex. it's fun. you shouldn't have to end up spending a long time with every person you sleep with. there are those that are special and those that you just want to screw.

sadly, there's one situation i've thought about a bunch of times and never come up with an answer for. if you're sleeping with a few people and you do meet someone special, how do you break it off with everyone else immediately? it's not like you can tell them, "i'm sorry, i've met someone i really care about and i have to stop sleeping with you now." any suggestions? ask your friends. ask your parents. ask your kids. ask that "playa" down the street. i really want to know.
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