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illegal immigrants wanting equal rights

Ok, so I'm bummed. I lost my license and was waiting for January, so I could claim illegal immigrant status and get another license. Not that I think it was a good idea. It was Grey Davis' (may he burn in hell for his actions) last ditch effort to not be ousted from office. The bill, as we all knew it would be, has been repealed.

So I'm watching the news and it appears that not everyone thinks taking it back was a good idea. In San Mateo, local businesses and restaurants are shutting down for a day, in protest of the repeal. Very few of the workers are illegal, but the majority of them are Mexican immigrants.

Now there are a few things that bother me about this. Many of these people are first generation American immigrants. Whether they came here legally or not, in the beginning, isn't beside the point. They are now legal California residents who had to work for their status as a legal resident. Why the hell should they be supporting people getting all the benefits they had to work for, without doing any of the work? That's just fucking ludicrous. I don't think you should be rewarded the same for less effort.

The other thing that really irks me is that people are bitching about illegals, or "undocumented citizens," as the politically correct crowd are calling them, not being afforded equal rights under the law. Think about this for a second. Why should someone who's not here legally be afforded the same rights under out legal system. Illegal vs legal. You don't get to drive if you break the driving laws too many times (as I can attest), so why should you be treated as a citizen, IF YOU'RE NOT ONE?! What the hell are these people thinking??
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