. (deathby22) wrote in designflaw,

Holy gayed up sports, batman!

Today, I decided I needed another skate, because I'm sick of hauling one back and forth to the office on my motorcycle. I also decided I should get some shoes, since the ones I have at home are pretty fucked up at this point. So off to Circle-A and get some new shit, since I was working downtown anyway. And let me tell you, this sport has gotten fucked up.

First... you can't get light weight trucks without colors any more. They're all purple, or bright orange or totally fucking lame colored. Since I really wanted some Krux, I ended up buying some weird plaid colored trucks:

Could be worse though, the could have only come in pink. But that's not the really bad part. The really sad thing is... what the hell is wrong with Emerica these days? SHOE BLING?! IS THIS SOME KIND OF FUCKING JOKE?? WHY SHOE BLING?! I bought them because they were the lightest skate shoe they had and I promptly ripped off the stupid faux diamond. But still, you should all see this. What the fuck Emerica?? What the fuck:

And don't even ask me about the sock they let me borrow to try these things on. Fucking Volcom... you're the worst of all. You used to make cool shit. Shit the lasted for a few seasons of hard thrashing. Shit that didn't have weird colored stitching and pictures of midgets sucking off donkeys. But now... you should be ashamed of yourselves.!

And yes, creepy Bob still runs Circle-A, in case you were wondering Jolly. He doesn't go in much though. At least that's what the two, tiny, asian girls working there told me. They also told me they don't skate. They were nice enough chicks, but I don't know what the hell they were doing working at a skate shop. They setup my board though, however slowly, and that was nice...
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